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Plastic is known to be the replacement for metal or wood. Products produced by plastic material is far more environmentally friendly compared to other materials.

Toyogo has embarked on plastic injection moulding since decades ago. The objective of Toyogo is to provide commitment to excellence in plastic products and services we deliver. Our long term relationship with customers and suppliers has proved our well-known brand name in the plastic industries. We build our relationship with customers and supplier with integrity.

Toyogo is a well known company producing high quality moulded polyethylene plastic pallets with high density ratings. It is durable and able to endure pressures from steam and freezer operations. This feature allows heat sterilization for shipment of food or pharmaceutical products.

Being a general consumer, most of us do not have good understanding on plasticware products. There are several plastic materials available in the market with the likes of recycles plastic, polycarbonates, PET, HDPE etc. Brands should also play a role. Always go with brands you are familiar with, and established like Toyogo.

Toyogo Plastic Pallets has gained the popularity in Malaysia especially among industrial business. There are various shapes and sizes of plastic pallets depending on the usage manufactured by Toyogo. There are plenty of material used in plastic pallets in the manufacturing process, which also affect the cost and performance of plastic pallet.

Most of the people have least hesitation in buying high quality ingredients for cooking purposes. Yet, many people still neglect the quality of plastic containers because the last thing we do is keeping the expensive ingredients and leftover food. The culture of leftover among Asians is still happening so why not spend some money in keeping food fresh.

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