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“Barangan TOYOGO memang berkualiti, sejak saya masih kecil lagi, mak abah selalu beli, memang di akui berkualiti, saya amat sokong jenama ini… #terbaik” …… seperkata daripada Cik Aida Shuhada

The word TOYOGO has instilled in the heart of most household in Singapore and Malaysia for more than 50 years. It carries the meaning TOWARDS YOUR GOALS, to cater with all your needs. As TOYOGO only uses top-quality plastics to produce its products, you are assured that they will serve you for years to come.

Brand TOYOGO specializes in supplying a wide array of plastic products, including containers, storage box, drawers, plastic basket, multipurpose container plastic pallets etc that is suitable for all kinds of purposes. The brand is well known for offering easy-to-use, durable, economic, and high-quality plastic ware. With more than 3,000 items in its inventory, ranging from household items to furniture to industrial products, TOYOGO is the pioneer in plastic ware that caters to all your needs and demands. Today, TOYOGO is known to be a leading brand in plastic ware in Singapore and Malaysia.

TOYOGO plastic products play a big role in making our household chores easier. Most of the products can be seen in many Singaporean and Malaysian households. They are made from high-quality plastic to make them more durable and able to support heavy items with ease. They are available in all shapes of sizes to meet your needs better. The items in household category is seem in every corner of our house, from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garden until front portion of our house.

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