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Seng Tat was established in 2003, at a time when Toyogo plastic pallets were beginning to make an impact in the world of logistics. Seng Tat has developed in tandem with market requirements for all kind of Toyogo plastic pallets and Toyogo plastic crate for all kind of storage application mainly lightweight Toyogo plastic pallet, one way and export pallet, medium and heavy duty pallets, regular rackable pallet or drive in beam racking pallets, nestable or tackable plastic palles, recycle or food grade pallets, Seng Tat supply all of these products.

Seng Tat primary objective has been to identify the needs of each industry sector. Consequently, now we offer a wide range of Toyogo plastic pallets and containers, catering for almost every situation, in addition are products such as plastic food tray, chair and stool, dustbin and more.

The Toyogo plastic pallets market has grown substantially during recent years. Toyogo Plastic Pallets are now industry's number one choice, because they are:

  • cost-effective, strong & durable, clean and easy to handle,
  • high and low temperature, recyclable & re-usable
  • Long lasting plastic pallets.

Toyogo Plastic pallets and freezer spacers in particular have readily gained acceptance throughout the Malaysia and Asian countries. Furthermore, legislation has made them compulsory in certain industries including Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Seng Tat ranges of products are as follows: Toyogo heavy duty plastic containers, buckets, plastic pallets, customized containers, plastic corrugated board, etc. which are suitable for all kinds of industry.

Seng Tat takes prides on our ability to not only supply Toyogo plastic pallets but also suggest and offer the right pallets to the exact requirement. We go hand by hand to ensure our customer high satisfaction all the way.


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