Toyogo Plastic Products Unleashing Endless Possibilities

Toyogo offers a wide range of plastic products for both industrial and residential needs in Malaysia. Our huge plastic product portfolio includes many commonly found plastic products, like plastic containers, pallets, plastic wares and counting. Plastic is preferred over conventional materials for many reasons. Just to name a few, mold ability, durability, costs, light weight etc. This is why plastic is so favorable across different industries. They can also bee made into household furniture and fittings of different forms. Toyogo plastic chairs, desks and bins can be commonly found among Malaysian families.

Toyogo has been working closely with plastic manufacturing for decades with industrial and residential sectors. You can find plenty of our products from plastic crates to plastic bins. We dedicate our resources into years of research and development to ensure only the best is delivered. Plastics are very light in nature, but are very strong and durable. Toyogo very quickly become a renowned brand name in Malaysia, earning amazing reputation from different sectors and industries. Browse our product gallery with confidence.

Toyogo offers quality plastic products and choices. Our plastic products are built with thicker walls for better durability, and insist on using only virgin material to make sure the finished product is odorless. Our plastic molding makes use of one piece injection mould with no gaps and joints. We also took the effort in offering wide selection for our plastic containers, plastic pallets and other plastic products, from color to dimensions and designs. Toyogo manufacture the most innovative yet beautiful designs in our product line up. They pack a lot of unique features and are definitely a beauty to look at.