What are the advantages of Toyogo Plastic Pallets

If you noticed, Toyogo plastic pallets can be found in grocery, publishers, automotive industries and others for material handling purposes. Many people realised the advantages of using plastic pallets.

Toyogo is a well known company producing high quality moulded polyethylene plastic pallets with high density ratings. It is durable and able to endure pressures from steam and freezer operations. This feature allows heat sterilization for shipment of food or pharmaceutical products.

Many people love to use Toyogo plastic products to manage the stocks and products because they are hygiene and easy handle. Unlike wood material, plastic does not allow water absorption or the growth of bacteria. It keeps plague, mold and mildew away from the pallets. This can make sure your items are in good condition and stay hygiene during shipment.

Besides that, Toyogo plastic pallets are also resists from chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and odours. You can simply clean plastic pallets by just using water and a piece of clothes. In Toyogo, we use recyclable and reusable plastic. It is absolutely an environmentally friendly product.

Also, plastic pallets can keep your products safe and those who handle them. Plastic pallets do not contain any screws nails, splinters and chipping. You do not need to worry the screws nails will came out and damage the products accidentally during shipment.

Toyogo plastic pallets are user-friendly, which is the reason why many companies love using it. It can easily handle by using forklift and pallet jacks when moving the stocks. Most of the plastic pallets are designed for four way entry to pick up by forklift to make the work easier. It was also saving space, as you can slide it together and stack to keep inside the store if you are not using the pallets.

We can't predict the environment during shipment. Toyogo plastic pallets are long – lasting and usable in critical conditions. These can be use around 10 years and doesn't require any repairing.

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