Why Choose Toyogo Plastic Products and Toyogo Plastic Pallets

Toyogo has embarked on plastic injection moulding since decades ago. The objective of Toyogo is to provide commitment to excellence in plastic products and services we deliver. Our long term relationship with customers and suppliers has proved our well-known brand name in the plastic industries. We build our relationship with customers and supplier with integrity.

The continuously study research and knowledge throughout the years has gained us the most sophisticated plastic manufacturing processes. We also equipped some of the best manufacturing equipment with a professional team with highest skills. The machines equipped in Toyogo come with latest technology in plastic manufacturing.

Toyogo plastic products are guaranteed with the top quality in the market. All the moulding process and testing followed the most stringent industry demands and guidelines. Generally, Toyogo plastic wares are longer lasting with their thicker walls design. We make sure our Toyogo plastic products are only manufactured using brand new material. Unlike other commercial products in hypermarket and stores, Toyogo plastic products are odourless. After 30 years of business, Toyogo now is an exporter of plastic products. Toyogo plastic products are available in several high end market and developed countries which includes Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.

To make sure our company steps ahead of current plastic competitors and develop new products to improve Toyogo users' lifestyle, we adopt innovative and aggressive management in manufacturing line and purchasing department. We invest in research and development without hesitation to avoid replication in the market. Hence, we are always the leader in product designs, colour variations, user friendly and environmental friendly. Today, Toyogo plastic products are widely used not only by household, but also extended to the usage in industrial, commercial, hospitals, government sectors etc.

Among the plastic products manufacturers in Malaysia, Toyogo did the best in producing the most innovative yet beautiful designs in plastic product line. These plastic products come with unique features with beautiful designs. One of the Toyogo plastic products – Toyogo plastic pallets are one piece injection moulded with no gaps and joints. The regular plastic pallets in the market are mostly made by two pieces of plastics and welded together into one. Toyogo plastic pallets are moderately durable and can handle a larger amount of weight during handling processes as compared to our innovative plastic manufacturing process. Our plastic pallets are suitable to be used by forklifts, pallet trucks, warehouse storage, export containers etc. At Toyogo, we have a sufficient number of machineries to afford large manufacturing lines at the same time. We are able to manufacture bigger size pallets which the competitors in the market are lack of.

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