56L Storage Box with Lid (Code: 7905)

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56L Storage Box with Lid (Code: 7905)
Product Description

External Top Size: (L) 550mm (21.6") X (W) 420mm (16.5") X (H) 350mm (13.7")
External Bottom Size: (L) 422mm (16.6") X (W) 318mm (12.5") X (H) 350mm (13.7")
Internal Top Size: (L) 474mm (18.7") X (W) 362mm (14.3") X (H) 335mm (13.2")
Internal Bottom Size: (L) 414mm (16.2") X (W) 307mm (12.1") X (H) 335mm (13.2")

Capacity: Approx. 56 Litres

Packing quantity: 1 bundle X 12 units


  • Simple storage box for your storage needs
  • With lid and side clips to hold cover in place, keep dust and moisture out of contents
  • Can be nested when not in use to save space
  • Quality durable plastic - won't turn yellowish & no bad odour, safe for clothes storage
  • Smooth body construction with no sharp edges
  • Can be stacked for a tidy storage space
  • Ideal for clothes storage, toys, kitchenware organisation and many more!
  • Easy to clean