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RV Storage Box, Code: 8706
Product Description

Ext Size: (L) 750mm (29.5") x (W) 480mm (18.9") x (H) 455mm (17.9")

Int Top Size: (L) 700mm (27.6") x (W) 410mm (16.1")
Int Btm Size: (L) 660mm (26") x (W) 370mm (14.6") x (H) 370mm (14.6")

Capacity: Approx 70 Litres


  • Rear Vehichle Storage Box- Suitable to put into the car for storage purpose
  • Can be used as other storage purpose
  • With wheels at the bottom for easy maneuvering
  • with handles on both sides
  • with simple locks on both sides to hold the cover in place
  • nestable with no cover, stackable with cover in place
  • strong with thicker wall thickness
  • no sharp edges
  • no odour smell
  • Holes on the side allow user to lock the box with long ear lock