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Plastic Foldable box/basket

Plastic Foldable box/basket is one of the commonly utilized box among industrial operations. They usually come in huge dimensions, and reinforced with thick walls. When unused, foldable box/basket can be down and kept with least space possible.

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Foldable Basket, Code: 7407

Foldable Basket, Code: 7407

Size: 505mm (20") X 350mm (13.8") X (H) 265mm (10.4")

Collapsed height: 62mm (2.4")

Packing quantity: 1 bundle X 1 unit


  • Industrial Grade
  • Food Grade - safe for storage of food products
  • Bones on the wall to increase structural rigidity
  • Stackable & Collapsible
  • Easy to open up and close
  • Handles on both sides - easy handling
  • Suitable for all types of storage
  • Basket type - with holes on all 4 sides
  • Space saving when not in use
Foldable basket

Foldable basket